First against the wall when the counterRevolution comes

Agent of Antiendarkenment
4 May 1980
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I have exactly three morals (meaning that which must be done for no other reason than that it must), all of them defined as restrictions from absolute permissivity:
1) Boredom.
2) Suffering.
3) Excess effort.
The moral space in which I cogitate is defined by perfect freedom and the indistinguishability of myself from others. Insofar as I have been able to determine, a concerted program of politeness effects a much nicer society than any amount of moral self-righteousness.

I am founder and curator of the League of Inventive Invectivists (52 for short). We are dedicated to the principle that use of ordinary profanity or vulgarity for emphasis or to express strong emotion shows a lack of imagination on the part of the speaker, and cheapens the sentiment. Do your part to make the world a more interesting place, join today.

I am an authorized vicar for the Church of Luminosity. Please feel free to stop in for your *free* Enlightenment estimate via black body emission today.

chimeristry: like alchemy, but with more vivisection
dinosaurmageddon: the world's greatest movie
h+: shorthand for transhumanism
H.T.: either home training or human training, depending on the context and how optimistic you feel today.
rot26: a clever encypherment algorithm whereby a constant value is added to every letter
Voronoi tessellation: the three dimensional homologue for the usual kind
Wigner-Seitz individualism: a crystallography pun for the old adage about the respective rightful domains for fist swinging and nose existence.
Zenophobia: the irrational fear of converging series

The seraphic television icon is lovingly ganked from SinFest.

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